Custom Home Building & Remodeling

Our Mission is your Dream Home

Offering our customers exquisite custom-built homes…creating a signature home that is your future legacy, that you live in now!

When you are ready for that home of your dreams, there is one company in the Pacific Northwest that can best help you realize those dreams. Mission Statement Homes delivers homes that are much more than the sum of the elements from which they are built. We strive to make the ordinary into something extraordinary…the home of your dreams.

As a premier custom builder, Mission Statement Homes blends contemporary lifestyle plans with traditional craftsmanship of the highest caliber, employing master craftsmen at all stages of development and construction.

Founder, Taylor Wolf, describes the motivation driving Mission Statement Homes
“I truly like to deliver the best quality product without wasting time or money. I do not believe in building anything that won’t last or anything that I would not want to call home. I see our company being a leader in luxury, custom homes. By owning and managing the sub trades as we do, it’s extremely hard for competitors to deliver the same product, of the same quality and at the same price point. It’s virtually impossible.”

“As the owner of a development company, my commitment to excellence drives the future in our luxury resort communities in both mountain and ocean locales.”

Select Testimonials

“Now that we have moved in, and are living in our new custom home, we can’t imagine building with anyone else. We chose Mission Statement Homes and they responded to every wrinkle of change we added as our vision got clearer through working with them. What a pleasure to not feel stuck with a ‘can’t do that’ response.” ~ Betty and Marv, long term residents of Central Oregon
“Who would believe that a home we budgeted $1.2MM for, turned into a $1.8MM Proposal from another well-respected builder. Thankfully the realtor who sold us the lot told us to interview and get a competitive bid from Mission Statement Homes. The final product nearly met the original budget, and would have been under, had we not gotten carried away with adding extras once we found the right Home Builder.” ~ Mr. & Mrs. Gerard, new to Bend from the Portland area
“We waited 12 years to move to Bend and build our first custom home. Now that we see how things work when you have a custom home built, we are fortunate we did not end up with someone else. And, by the way, they connected us to a number of local resources we needed to move here – and it was like we had friends in Bend who made certain we had help in our building experience and move to Bend. Their team is the best – it is nice to know they are there for the whole project, and not just a bunch of random subs. I only wish I remembered the names of some of the team - they were great!” ~ Client from Santa Barbara, CA

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